Sri Lanka
September 19, 2023
Content Strategy

COSRX : Expecting Tommorow

Redesign Labs amplified the global brand COSRX, making it a household skincare brand in Sri Lanka
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COSRX : Expecting Tommorow

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What we did:
Brand Expansion | Social Media Management | PR & Influencer Engagement | Package Design
RD LABS acted as the key advisor and planner for COSRX's successful entry into the Sri Lankan market, overseeing the project from initial strategy to launch.
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COSRX is revolutionizing the skincare landscape by delivering personalized, evidence-based solutions for a myriad of skin concerns. To help them elevate their brand and engage consumers, REDESIGN LABS partnered with COSRX to create an all-encompassing strategy focused on brand expansion, PR, and social media management, tailored specifically for their market needs.

Our team kicked off this collaboration by developing a detailed launch plan aimed at solidifying COSRX as the go-to skincare brand in Sri Lanka. As part of this, we designed eye-catching PR packages that encapsulated the essence of COSRX, generating both buzz and consumer engagement.

With a solid foundation established, we then turned our attention to amplifying COSRX's social media presence. Through carefully curated posts, targeted promotions, and interactive campaigns, we successfully enhanced the brand's online visibility and resonance with its target audience. This multi-faceted strategy not only showcased COSRX's innovative offerings but also fostered a deep connection with their diverse clientele.

Client Problem

COSRX faced challenges in effectively entering and establishing a foothold in the Sri Lankan market. Their primary concerns included ensuring widespread awareness of their brand and products. Additionally, there was a need to clearly differentiate COSRX as the main brand and distinguish it from resellers to prevent any market confusion. This necessitated strong branding strategies and the design of impactful PR packages to create a coherent brand image and convey its authenticity.
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Strategic Brand Launch

We developed a meticulous launch strategy aimed at establishing the brand as the go-to skincare authority in Sri Lanka. Our focus was on building brand awareness through various channels to ensure COSRX stands out in a crowded market. By aligning our specialized services with COSRX's objectives, we were able to create a targeted approach that positions them not just as another option, but as the definitive choice for skincare in Sri Lanka.

PR Package Design

We designed PR kits that not only reflect the brand's ethos but also generate buzz and engagement around their market entry. These carefully curated packages serve as a powerful tool for COSRX, enabling them to grab attention and establish a memorable presence in the Sri Lankan skincare scene.

Retail Branding

We offer an integrated approach to Retail-Branding, understanding that success in the marketplace is a collaborative effort between the brand and its retail partners. For COSRX, we provided targeted support to local stores and retailers to enhance their sales capabilities. This included crafting effective branding materials that align with COSRX's global image, thus ensuring a cohesive brand presentation across all retail touchpoints. Our efforts aimed to fortify the relationship between COSRX and its retail partners, providing both the tools and strategies needed to mutually thrive in the Sri Lankan market.

Social media Management

Our team in REDESIGN LABS, goes beyond just posting updates. We craft tailored strategies to amplify your brand's voice, foster community engagement, and drive measurable results. With us, your social media becomes a strategic asset for brand growth.

Ayub Khan, Managing Director at Elysium Global Holdings Pvt LTD.