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Derruci Footwear
September 12, 2023
Content Strategy

Derruci : Elevating a Luxury Footwear

Unveiling the New Chapter of Derruci Luxury Footwear: How Redesign Labs Transformed a Brand, Boosted Social Media Presence, and Revitalised Retail Sales
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Derruci : Elevating a Luxury Footwear

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What we did:
Branding overhaul, content strategy, and targeted marketing campaigns.
Redesign Labs took on the role of a comprehensive brand strategist for Derruci, overseeing everything from content direction to marketing campaigns, focusing primarily on accentuating the luxury aspects of the brand.
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Elevating Derruci: A Masterclass in Content Creation in Sri Lanka



  • Introduction
  • The Challenge: Elevating Derruci's Luxury Footwear Brand
  • Our Mission at Redesign Labs: Telling Unique Brand Stories
  • The Multi-Faceted Approach
  • Branding Overhaul
  • Content Strategy Redesign
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  • New Product Launch
  • The Results
  • Increased Brand Perception
  • Boosted Retail Sales
  • Enhanced Social Media Engagement
  • Conclusion
  • The Transformative Power of Strategic Content Creation in Sri Lanka


In a market as competitive as luxury footwear, standing out is not just an option; it's a necessity. This is the story of how we at Redesign Labs took up the challenge to elevate Derruci, a renowned luxury footwear brand in Sri Lanka. Our mission has always been to help brands tell their unique stories, and Derruci was no exception.

The Multi-Faceted Approach

Branding Overhaul

Branding isn't just about a logo; it's about creating a universe that your customers want to be a part of. We redefined Derruci's branding elements to exude luxury, from their logo and packaging to in-store displays.

Content Strategy Redesign

When it comes to content creation in Sri Lanka, we believe in pushing the boundaries. Derruci had a substantial online presence, but their content needed a revamp. We focused on high-quality visuals and narrative storytelling to resonate with the luxury market. Our efforts were tailored to boost SEO rankings and make Derruci a go-to name when thinking of luxury footwear in Sri Lanka.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

A well-planned marketing campaign can be the make-or-break factor for any brand. We used data-driven insights to roll out targeted marketing campaigns that not only increased footfall in retail stores but also substantially grew Derruci's social media following.

New Product Launch

Derruci aimed to introduce a kids' range of luxury footwear, a first for the brand. We managed this new product launch end-to-end, ensuring that it received the attention it deserved across all platforms.

The Results

Increased Brand Perception

Our multi-faceted approach paid off. Derruci has seen a marked improvement in brand perception, solidifying its position as a leading luxury footwear brand in Sri Lanka.

Boosted Retail Sales

The targeted marketing campaigns led to a significant uptick in retail sales, proving that a well-crafted strategy yields tangible results.

Enhanced Social Media Engagement

Our content strategy not only elevated the brand but also connected with the audience on a deeper level, resulting in increased social media engagement rates.


The journey with Derruci serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic content creation in Sri Lanka. At Redesign Labs, we believe that each brand has a unique story to tell, and we are here to help you tell yours.

Client Problem

The client wanted to elevate the brand’s luxury appeal, expand their product range, and increase retail sales.
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Branding Overhaul

We redesigned Derruci’s branding elements to exude luxury, from their logo and packaging to in-store displays, creating a cohesive brand identity.

Content Strategy Redesign

We took a deep dive into Derruci's existing content strategy, focusing on social media platforms where the brand had a significant following. By curating high-quality visuals and storytelling elements, we were able to better convey the luxury aspects of Derruci, resulting in increased social media engagement and customer loyalty.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Utilising data-driven insights and industry trends, we crafted targeted marketing campaigns that resonated with Derruci's key demographics. These campaigns were not just digital but also extended to in-store promotions and events, which led to a noticeable uptick in retail sales.

New Product Launch Strategy

Derruci wanted to expand its product line by introducing a kids' range of luxury footwear—a first for the brand. We managed the end-to-end strategy for this launch, from product development consultations to a multi-channel marketing campaign. The new range has been warmly received and has added another feather to Derruci's cap as an all-encompassing luxury brand.

Derruci Footwear