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March 22, 2023

TFS : Store Launch

TFS Sri Lanka's Nugegoda Store Grand Opening: A Successful Launch Through Influencer Marketing and Social Media Campaigns
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TFS : Store Launch

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What we did:
Event marketing, social media promotion, and influencer partnerships for TFS Sri Lanka's Nugegoda store launch
Pre-launch to post-launch event marketing, social media management, and influencer collaboration
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TFS : The Fashion Store - Nugegoda opening

TFS Sri Lanka, a renowned fashion store, recently opened a new branch in Nugegoda, and our team at Redesign Labs was entrusted with the responsibility of handling the entire pre-launch to post-launch event. Our primary goal was to create hype and anticipation around the store opening using influential marketing strategies and various social media platforms.

To ensure a successful launch, we devised a comprehensive marketing plan that included partnering with influencers and creating engaging content for social media. Weeks leading up to the store opening, we collaborated with well-known influencers in the fashion industry to promote TFS Sri Lanka's new store on their social media accounts. This strategy not only increased brand awareness but also added credibility to the store launch.

In addition to influencer marketing, we consistently published creative content on TFS Sri Lanka's social media channels, highlighting the upcoming store launch and showcasing their fashionable offerings. This content captivated audiences' attention and generated excitement about the new store.

Our meticulously planned marketing efforts paid off as the store was packed with eager customers on the day of the launch, with queues stretching for hours outside the store. The results were astounding:

- Total Followers: Increased from 4,823 to 8,110 (68.1% growth)
- Accounts Reached: Increased from 5,573 to 24,300 (335.9% growth)
- Accounts Engaged: Increased from 368 to 3,589 (874.5% growth)

Client Problem

Creating hype and anticipation for TFS Sri Lanka's new store opening in Nugegoda
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Event Marketing

Description: Comprehensive pre-launch to post-launch event marketing for TFS Sri Lanka's new store opening

Social Media Promotion

Creating engaging content and managing social media campaigns to generate buzz around the store opening

Influencer Partnerships

Collaborating with influential personalities in the fashion industry to promote TFS Sri Lanka's new store launch and increase brand awareness

Metrics Analysis and Reporting

Tracking and analysing key performance indicators to measure the success of the marketing campaign and provide valuable insights for future strategies

"RD Labs exceeded our expectations with their professional approach and outstanding results. The store opening was a huge success, thanks to their well-executed marketing strategies."

TFS Sri Lanka

TFS Sri Lanka