United Kingdom
February 1, 2023

LCY LONDON : Celebrate Heritage

Sailing to Success: LCY London's Voyage to Luxury British Fashion
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LCY LONDON : Celebrate Heritage

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What we did:
Branding | Social Media | Content | SEO
Our team at Redesign Lab created a powerful brand identity for LCY London, connecting their British fashion roots with Sri Lanka's coastal heritage while implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
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LCY LONDON, the new luxury menswear brand, was established in England in 2021 with a mission to elevate men's style with their collection of premium polo shirts. As a new player in the competitive world of men's fashion, LCY LONDON needed a branding strategy that would help them stand out and make a bold statement in the industry. That's where Redesign Labs came in.

Redesign Labs worked closely with LCY LONDON to develop a comprehensive branding strategy that included logo design, web development, and content creation. We started by creating a logo that captured the essence of the brand – sophisticated, modern, and stylish. The logo was designed to be easily recognizable and memorable, with a sleek and minimalist design that reflected the brand's luxury appeal.

Next, we developed a visually stunning website that showcased LCY LONDON's products and brand identity. The website was designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a focus on highlighting the unique features and benefits of the brand's luxury polo shirts. We also created content that resonated with the target audience, including blog posts, social media content, and product descriptions.

Redesign Labs' strategic brand consultancy helped to ensure that all aspects of LCY LONDON's branding, from the design to the messaging, were consistent and effective in conveying the brand's unique value proposition. As a result, LCY LONDON was able to establish a strong and memorable brand identity that resonated with their target audience and helped them stand out in the competitive world of men's fashion.

Client Problem

LCY London needed a strong brand identity and online presence that showcased their luxury British polo shirts while maintaining a connection to their founders' Sri Lankan coastal heritage.
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Anchored in Identity

We developed a cohesive brand identity for LCY London, including an iconic logo featuring an anchor, which symbolized their connection to Sri Lanka's coastal heritage while reflecting their luxury British fashion offerings.

Social Waves: SMM

Our team crafted and executed targeted social media campaigns that showcased LCY London's premium polo shirts, effectively reaching their desired audience and creating brand awareness.

Content Voyage

We produced captivating, SEO-optimized content that not only showcased LCY London's luxury polo shirts but also highlighted their unique connection to Sri Lanka's coastal heritage.

Sailing to SEO Success

We implemented search engine optimization techniques to increase LCY London's visibility in search results, driving organic traffic to their website and ultimately boosting sales of their luxury British polo shirts.

"Redesign Lab has been instrumental in our success. Their branding and digital marketing expertise allowed us to establish a strong presence in the luxury British fashion market while staying true to our Sri Lankan heritage."

Omersha Zahirsha , COO of LCY LONDON