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March 14, 2023
Content Creation


TFS Sri Lanka Social Media Growth
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What we did:
Social Media Audit, Developing the Strategy, Content Creation & Scheduling, Advertising, Influencer Collaboration, Monitoring & Reporting
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Despite offering trendy clothes at budget-friendly prices, TFS, a bustling shopping mall, struggled with low brand awareness, minimal online engagement, and a lack of a defined social media strategy. This resulted in subpar foot traffic and sales.

Our agency stepped in to devise and implement a comprehensive social media strategy. This involved creating and curating engaging content, fostering community through interactive activities, collaborating with local influencers, running targeted social media ads, and continuous performance monitoring for optimization.

This strategic approach resulted in rapid growth in TFS's social media presence, leading to increased brand awareness, higher foot traffic, and a significant boost in sales for the mall.

Client Problem

Despite its competitive pricing and wide variety of trendy clothing, The Fashion Store (TFS), a budget-friendly shopping mall, was struggling to increase foot traffic and visibility in a saturated market.
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Establishing a Well-defined Social Media Strategy

We developed a tailor-made comprehensive social media strategy that aimed to boost brand visibility, increase follower count, and encourage more engagement.

Content Creation and Curation

We created visually appealing and engaging content that reflected TFS's brand values and offerings. This was designed to engage the audience and encourage them to visit the mall.

Community Building Strategies

We initiated regular engagement activities like contests, giveaways, and interactive polls. This served to increase audience engagement, and foster a community around the TFS brand.

Influencer Marketing

We collaborated with local influencers who resonated with TFS's target audience. This helped reach a larger audience and increased TFS's social media followers, leading to higher footfall and sales.

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